Welcome to my blog. This is mainly about IT, information management and Cyber Security with occasional forays into general technology, science and maybe even politics and beliefs. You may find quite a few errors and formatting issues right now. That’s because I’ve just moved from a self-hosted WordPress blog to a cloud hosted Hugo blog. I’m still sorting out the finer details. Please use the contact form if you spot anything.
Some reference sites and links for Jekyll and Liquid.
2018-01-04 Jekyll/Liquid Tags
This is a list of `tags` that can be used in Jekyll.
Node-RED passes a msg object between node instances in a flow. It is common to need to extract a sub-string and there are multiple ways to achieve this. Here are some simeple examples.
A list of some tutorials and courses for learning Node-RED and Node.JS, maybe some web stuff too.
A comprehensive list of filters available to modify/format Jekyll variables.
Some hints for debugging Node-RED flows
Using the Visual Studio Code debugger to debug Node-RED issues
Example code to add to every page as a footer to enable the Disqus comments service.
If you want to generate a table of contents list (toc) for a markdown file, you can use the native Kramdown feature.
2017-04-07 Secure Contact Form
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