Welcome to my blog. This is mainly about IT, information management and Cyber Security with occasional forays into general technology, science and maybe even politics and beliefs.

You may find quite a few errors and formatting issues right now. That’s because I’ve just moved from a self-hosted WordPress blog to a cloud hosted Hugo blog. I’m still sorting out the finer details. Please use the contact form if you spot anything.

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Latest posts and knowledgebase articles

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BitLocker issues and fixes

BitLocker allows you to fully encrypt drives. It can be enabled so that it protects drives before boot. It also allows administrative recovery keys. However, sometimes it can go wrong.

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Hugo Cloud Deployment with Netlify

Netlify is a great cloud-based hosting and CDN service. It has great support for Hugo and other static site builders and is easily integrated into cloud-based GIT services. This makes deployment and updates a snap.

On this page, we list a few snippets of information that help us remember how to do things.

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NHS Future Services

A multi-programme portfolio delivering next generation IT to the Department of Health and other national NHS organisations

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Hugo Benefits and Issues

A discussion of Hugo vs Jekyll and WordPress.

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Switching from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been fed up with the speed of WordPress for years but haven’t had the time to learn how to properly switch to an alternative. Until I discovered Hugo!

📖 Kb | 📎 Development | 🔖 node-red

Easily search for contributed nodes on the Node-RED Flows site

Excellent work has been done to make sure that new nodes are discoverable. Here is a quick way to easily search from your browser.

📖 Kb | 📎 Development | 🔖 node-red

How to create a clone of a message object

Node-RED tried to pass messages by reference not copy. Sometimes though, a copy is needed.

📖 Kb | 📎 Development | 🔖 node-red

How node.send() works

Some detail not included in the documentation.

📖 Kb | 📎 Development | 🔖 node-red

How to extract a table from HTML

While Node-RED has some nodes for extracting data from HTML, the nodes are rather simplistic. Here is a quick way to extract the data from an HTML table element.

📖 Kb | 📎 Development | 🔖 node-red

Installation and running permissions

People seem to get very confused about file permissions when installing Node-RED and associated nodes. This article tries to set things straight.