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Add Disqus to Jekyll pages

Example code to add to every page as a footer to enable the Disqus comments service.

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Updated Blogs

Hi to everyone who has followed this blog and my other blogs (Living With Linux and my Development Blog) for a while. The Living With Linux blog is now redirected to the [Linux][1] category on this blog and the development blog redirected to the [Development][2] category. For a long time I’ve been meaning to consolidate the blogs into a single blog and move the main blog from Blogger to WordPress. Well, that has now happened so welcome to the new, updated blog.

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New Comments System

I’ve moved my comments over to [Disqus][1] from the default Blogger comments. It means that you don’t have to log in to comment and you get much better tracking of discussions. My other blog “[Much Ado About IT][2]” has had this for a while and it seems to work really well. Unfortunately, it does mean that I’ve lost any existing comments – sorry to those who have commented in the past.

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Quick test of new comments system (using DISQUS)

Just testing a new commenting system – Disqus. Looks like it works OK so I’ll keep it online for now. Currently, you no longer need to be logged in (previously you needed to present either a Blogger, Google or OpenID credential to comment because of spam) since Disqus is supposed to handle this better. However, if the spam starts to reappear, I’ll have to restrict it again. For blog authors, check out [Psolonoid][1] as well.