Julian Knight’s Potted IT History

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I occasionally find the need to try and work out what technology I used when, this page is a rather belated effort at capturing some of that information.

It may not be correct and it certainly will not be complete!

Timeline 🔗︎

To Do 🔗︎

  • Other work stuff: Directories (LDAP, X.500), PKI, etc.
  • Browser Timeline (Meyerweb, 1996-2011)
  • BBC News: 15 Years of the Web (1991-08-06)
  • Hobbes’ Internet Timeline (1993-2011)
  • The Evolution of the Web (Dynamic timeline of Internet standards)
  • SCO, Linux, and Microsoft in the History of OS: 1980s (Roughly Drafted Magazine) (2007-08-15)

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