This is my knowledgebase. It contains articles with more referenceable information than my normal blog posts and I use it to consolidate information from elsewhere.

The knowledgebase is split into various subject areas that should be fairly obvious. The subjects are listed in the menu and on this page.

Knowledgebase Topic Areas

GitHub Pages, Jekyll and Liquid
Hints and tips on using Jekyll for publishing to GitHub Pages. \ Note that these articles have been migrated from a Jekyll site and may not render correctly.
Hugo Hints and Tips
Hugo is a fast static site builder using Golang. These articles contain ideas, hints, tips and knowledge about it and how to use it.
Microsoft Office Hints and Tips
For any information worker and many office workers, Microsoft Office applications dominate our working lives. This section of the knowledgebase collects a few things that I've found useful for making the applications a little more tollerable and useful day-to-day.
Node-RED Q & A
Node-RED Questions and Answers. Node-RED is a flow-based (visual) programming tool. These pages have some information that may be currently missing from the documentation or may expand on it.
Node.JS and JavaScript
Node.JS allows JavaScript to be used as a server-side (back-end) programming language.
VSCode Hints and Tips
Visual Studio Code is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or code editor that is open source and actively developed by Microsoft. These articles contain ideas, hints, tips and knowledge about it and how to use it.
Windows Hints and Tips
Information about Microsoft windows. Including specific support along with hints and tips.

Other Knowledgebase Pages

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Julian Knight’s Potted IT History

I occasionally find the need to try and work out what technology I used when, this page is a rather belated effort at capturing some of that information.

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Home Broadband

This page shows data about my broadband connection. Current ping results 2018-05-01 06:58 2018-04-30 20:31 Other Tests ThinkBroadband Labs Ookla Speedtest

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IT Glossary

Here are some of the terms, abbreviations and meanings that I come across regularly in the IT world. Some of these have specific meanings depending on the scope of use and I’ve listed the scope as well. For example, some terms come from the NHS world, others from ITIL, banking or elsewhere.

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Home Sensors

This page shows some example home sensor readings. They are not live. –