This is my knowledgebase. It contains articles with more referenceable information that my normal blog posts and I am using it to consolidate information from elsewhere.

The knowledgebase is split into various subject areas that should be fairly obvious. The subjects are listed in the menu and on this page.

2015-01-14 Home Sensors
This page shows some example home sensor readings. They are not live. --
I occasionally find the need to try and work out what technology I used when, this page is a rather belated effort at capturing some of that information.
2009-09-30 IT Glossary
Here are some of the terms, abbreviations and meanings that I come across regularly in the IT world. Some of these have specific meanings depending on the scope of use and I've listed the scope as well. _For example_, some terms come from the NHS world, others from *ITIL*, banking or elsewhere.