Hugo Hints and Tips

Hugo is a fast static site builder using Golang. These articles contain ideas, hints, tips and knowledge about it and how to use it.

This section of the knowledgebase covers the use of the Hugo static site generator.

Hugo articles

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Embed a diagram in a Hugo page

It is great to be able to define a diagram in code directly in your web pages. This article shows you one way to achieve that using Gravizo.

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Automatically updating Hugo

Hugo is still changing very quickly. So it is helpful to be able to easily download and install the latest version directly from GitHub.

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Hugo Snippets and Code Examples

A somewhat random collection of code for Hugo so that I don’t have to keep looking things up all over the Internet.

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Hugo Cloud Deployment with Netlify

Netlify is a great cloud-based hosting and CDN service. It has great support for Hugo and other static site builders and is easily integrated into cloud-based GIT services. This makes deployment and updates a snap.

On this page, we list a few snippets of information that help us remember how to do things.

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Hugo Benefits and Issues

A discussion of Hugo vs Jekyll and WordPress.