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Embed a diagram in a Hugo page

It is great to be able to define a diagram in code directly in your web pages. This article shows you one way to achieve that using Gravizo.

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Automatically updating Hugo

Hugo is still changing very quickly. So it is helpful to be able to easily download and install the latest version directly from GitHub.

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Hugo Snippets and Code Examples

A somewhat random collection of code for Hugo so that I don’t have to keep looking things up all over the Internet.

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Migrated from WordPress to Hugo and Netlify

The migration from WordPress is now completed. This blog and the new Knowledgebase are generated using Hugo and hosted with Netlify.

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Alternate static site generators to Jekyll

Jekyll is built on Ruby which is a pain to work with on Windows. It also doesn’t match my chosen development language of JavaScript. Here are some possible alternatives to Jekyll along with some strengths and weaknesses.