Updated Blogs

Hi to everyone who has followed this blog and my other blogs (Living With Linux and my Development Blog) for a while. The Living With Linux blog is now redirected to the Linux category on this blog and the development blog redirected to the Development category.

For a long time I’ve been meaning to consolidate the blogs into a single blog and move the main blog from Blogger to WordPress.

Well, that has now happened so welcome to the new, updated blog.

There may be one or two missing posts and some missing comments but I will fix that as time allows.

I also intend to move back to using Disquss for comments which I think gives a much better reader experience and reach.

So hopefully, I’ll be more inclined to make better use of the blog again now and I will be trying to bring together not only the larger posts on this blog but also my short posts on Twitter and Diigo in a more consistent and coherent form.

How to repost Blog entries and Diigo links

It can be hard to keep track of the various social networks that you want to post to. In particular I want to ensure that my Blog posts and Diigo saved links get reposted to Twitter and Facebook.

I used to have some complex set-up that worked intermittently. Now however, I’ve started using TwitterFeed which is much simpler to manage and seems pretty robust.

I have two feeds set up, one that reads the RSS feed from this blog and another that reads the RSS feed from my Diigo account. These both pass summary entries on to both Twitter and Facebook.

To make things slightly more complex, I also feed a summary of my Diigo links to my Blog on a daily basis using the tools on the Diigo web site. So I filter these entries out of TwitterFeed using their filtering facility.

Sounds complex but it is pretty straight-forwards to set up and it then just works.