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How to repost Blog entries and Diigo links

It can be hard to keep track of the various social networks that you want to post to. In particular I want to ensure that my Blog posts and [Diigo saved links][1] get reposted to [Twitter][2] and Facebook. I used to have some complex set-up that worked intermittently. Now however, I’ve started using [TwitterFeed][3] which is much simpler to manage and seems pretty robust. I have two feeds set up, one that reads the RSS feed from this blog and another that reads the RSS feed from my [Diigo account][1].

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Microsoft’s Facebook Docs.com fails at the first hurdle

Had my first test for Microsoft’s new [docs.com][1] this week – and it failed badly. In case you don’t know, Microsoft recently announced a new beta [Office Live link-up with Facebook][1]. You can log in using your [Facebook][2] login instead of a Microsoft Live Id. So you would think that it would be possible to use [docs.com][1] as a collaborative document editor and I suspect that you are supposed to be able to – as long as your documents don’t contain anything complex – such as comments!