Cloudflare Now Active

After the recent high-profile vulnerabilities, I decided to turn on the free version of CloudFlare for this domain. CloudFlare provides a reverse proxy service that sits in front of your domain. It will serve content where it can on your behalf (caching), optimise content where it can (e.g. minimising JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc.). But even more important from my perspective is their ability to protect against a number of vulnerabilities.

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Migrated from WordPress to Hugo and Netlify

The migration from WordPress is now completed. This blog and the new Knowledgebase are generated using Hugo and hosted with Netlify.

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Switching from WordPress to Hugo

I’ve been fed up with the speed of WordPress for years but haven’t had the time to learn how to properly switch to an alternative. Until I discovered Hugo!

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Switching to Excerpts on the Front Page

Some of my posts are rather long and may have more links that Google really likes. So I’ve decided at last to switch to the Excerpt view instead of a full post view on the front page. The instructions for doing this are taken from: Display Excerpts in Twenty Twelve Theme

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Blog Upgrade (Finally!)

It had to happen but has taken far too long. I’ve finally upgraded my WordPress sites to 3.9. Hopefully future upgrades will happen a lot quicker

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Site updated – Faster and better!

The upgrade of this blog from WordPress 3.3 to 3.4 on Dreamhost didn’t go as smoothly as planned. In fact it failed fairly spectacularly – unable to complete the required database upgrade. However, many clouds have silver linings. In this case it meant that I brought forward my plans to ditch the horribly slow hosting provided by Dreamhost in the USA and switch over to the new VPS provided by BHost in the UK.

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Updated Blogs

Hi to everyone who has followed this blog and my other blogs (Living With Linux and my Development Blog) for a while. The Living With Linux blog is now redirected to the [Linux][1] category on this blog and the development blog redirected to the [Development][2] category. For a long time I’ve been meaning to consolidate the blogs into a single blog and move the main blog from Blogger to WordPress. Well, that has now happened so welcome to the new, updated blog.

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Bug in WordPress 3.0 Custom Post Types

Well this one threw me! I was trying out the new custom post types in WordPress 3.0 RC1 and could not work out why mine wasn’t working even when I copied an example from the web and only changed a few things. It turns out that there is a limitation in the naming of post types – they cannot have a name longer than 20 characters! If you use more than 20 characters, the “Publish” button becomes “Submit for Review” and if you submit, you get the dreaded: Are you sure you want to do this?

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Hello WordPress! My blogs now combined

I’ve moved my several Blogger blogs over to a single WordPress blog as I can take better control. Unfortunately, I’m guessing that some comments may get lost in the move – sorry about that. Anyway, you will now find blog entries about all areas of IT that take my fancy including Windows, Linux, Web & Office development, Identity Management and doubtless lots of other random stuff. My blogs are mainly for me so that I can keep things I’d like to remember (or rant about!

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New Comments System

I’ve moved my comments over to [Disqus][1] from the default Blogger comments. It means that you don’t have to log in to comment and you get much better tracking of discussions. My other blog “[Much Ado About IT][2]” has had this for a while and it seems to work really well. Unfortunately, it does mean that I’ve lost any existing comments – sorry to those who have commented in the past.

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Quick test of new comments system (using DISQUS)

Just testing a new commenting system – Disqus. Looks like it works OK so I’ll keep it online for now. Currently, you no longer need to be logged in (previously you needed to present either a Blogger, Google or OpenID credential to comment because of spam) since Disqus is supposed to handle this better. However, if the spam starts to reappear, I’ll have to restrict it again. For blog authors, check out [Psolonoid][1] as well.

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What goes here?

I’ve already got a few things to blog about so expect some articles shortly covering the following: Tablet PC’s I’ve just brought an IBM X61 (on eBay) after much deliberation (we’re talking several years here!). I’ve wanted a Slate (e.g. no keyboard) for ages but they go for silly prices generally. So now I have an X61 to go with the monster 17″ Dell M1710. Microsoft InfoPath An XML-based form designer and filler with rich interface options (including Tablet ink support).

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Hi, here is my new blog. I’ve been meaning to set up a general IT blog for some time and this is it. This will be a collection of thoughts, ideas I’ve had and research I’ve done. You can also look at my [blog about Linux][1] and my [personal homepage][2]. [1]: [2]: