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I’ve already got a few things to blog about so expect some articles shortly covering the following:

  • Tablet PC’s

    I’ve just brought an IBM X61 (on eBay) after much deliberation (we’re talking several years here!). I’ve wanted a Slate (e.g. no keyboard) for ages but they go for silly prices generally. So now I have an X61 to go with the monster 17″ Dell M1710.

  • Microsoft InfoPath

    An XML-based form designer and filler with rich interface options (including Tablet ink support).

  • Microsoft Groove

    A peer-to-peer collaboration tool a bit like a mini SharePoint for workgroups without needing a central server. Update 2009-02-13: Not forgetting:

  • Microsoft OneNote

    The ultra-useful note-taking tool.

  • Microsoft Windows 7

    Doubtless what Windows Vista should have been in the first place!

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