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Just a quick note to recommend some software that makes writing blog entries very much easier. The software is called [Zoundry Raven][1] and I’m using the latest beta (under Windows 7 beta). The editor is WYSIWYG and has a much more sensible set of standards than the built-in Blogger editor (including the beta version). It also allows you to publish the same entry to multiple blogs if needed. It has image, link and tag handling too and it makes blogging rather more pleasurable. **

Update 2009-02-28

** : A couple of things I wanted to add to this. Firstly, Raven isn’t actually in beta! Secondly, that the more I use it, the more I like it! It is very extensible too, I’ve just added a tag search for Diigo, the online bookmarking service that is miles better than del.icio.us and it only took 2 minutes. I have also found that I rarely need to manually adjust the html, quite a change from the native Blogger interface. Finally, adding images is a breeze; you can copy and paste and as long as you have some storage defined (I’m just using a free Google Picassa account at the moment) and Raven will automatically upload the image and sort out the links – magic! Well done Zoundry. One final thing. Raven doesn’t have all that good a support for proxy servers at the moment. So if you are behind a Microsoft ISA Server proxy (very common in large organisations), you might need to use something like [CNTLM][2]. I’ll blog about that another time I think.

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