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Diigo Bookmarks 09/12/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> also raspberry vodka (schnappes). </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">Food</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> Some really odd ones (basil?) but some good ones too (blackberry)! Basically Vodka with something added. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">Food</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> List of open source identity management systems </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">idm</a> <a href="">iam</a> <a href="">security</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 08/19/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Just as it say&#8217;s in the title. Some online tools that may be useful when starting some HTML5 coding. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">html</a> <a href="">web</a> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">css</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> David McRitchie&#8217;s Excel pages </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">excel</a> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">vba</a> <a href="">windows</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> Fast Javascript table/spreadsheet library </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">javascript</a> <a href="">development</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 08/11/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Very handy. A quick, disposable WordPress development environment that will run from a USB key or anywhere else. Leaves nothing behind, just delete the folder. Includes Apache, PHP, MySQL & a pre-configured WordPress deployment. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">freeware</a> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">wordpress</a> <a href="">php</a> <a href="">web</a> <a href="">mysql</a> <a href="">software</a> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">linux</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 08/08/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Simple INI controlled software to graph SNMP values. Can also graph XML (and HTML if an XPATH can be generated). </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">software</a> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">freeware</a> <a href="">monitoring</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 08/05/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Continuously monitor some basic stats on broadband ADSL routers. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">broadband</a> <a href="">hardware</a> <a href="">software</a> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">freeware</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> Open source identity and access management toolkit </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">security</a> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">iam</a> <a href="">idm</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> Open source identity and access management platform written in Python, Django and C. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">security</a> <a href="http://www.

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Diigo Bookmarks 07/21/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Check your email addresses against a combined list of known compromised web sites. If you have ever used an address on a web site, this will check whether hackers know your email address and so may possibly have compromised the password you used on that site. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">security</a> <a href="">privacy</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 07/19/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Lots of useful information about Javascript </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">javascript</a> <a href="">programming</a> <a href="">development</a> </p> <ul class="diigo-comments"> <li> Lots of javascript info from the guy who came up with JSON. Looks like it might be a nice rescource<span class="diigo-post-by"> &#8211; post by <a href="">Hoppy Blings</a></span> </li> <li> List of articles and books by one of the masters of OO Javascript (he &#8220;discovered&#8221; a lot of the advanaced uses for it) as well as coming up with the JSON standard.

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Data Cleansing Tools

It is very common to receive information in a format that cannot easily be formatted and processed as you want it to be. For example, you may have an unstructured list of information that you need in a table; or data in a table that you need as XML; or data in a web page (HTML) that you need in Excel. So many information professionals maintain a tool-kit that allows them to manipulate all sorts of information in different formats.

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Diigo Bookmarks 07/13/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> The free version of a simple text data mining application.Payware versions also available with more functions. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">software</a> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">freeware</a> <a href="">payware</a> <a href="">ETL</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 07/11/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Online Regular Expression (regex) Tester </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">regex</a> <a href="">web</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> An extremely powerful tool that allows repeatable manipulation and cleansing of data lists and tables. </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">software</a> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">linux</a> <a href="">macintosh</a> <a href="">database</a> <a href="">freeware</a> <a href="">ETL</a> </p>

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Updated Blogs

Hi to everyone who has followed this blog and my other blogs (Living With Linux and my Development Blog) for a while. The Living With Linux blog is now redirected to the [Linux][1] category on this blog and the development blog redirected to the [Development][2] category. For a long time I’ve been meaning to consolidate the blogs into a single blog and move the main blog from Blogger to WordPress. Well, that has now happened so welcome to the new, updated blog.

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Diigo Bookmarks 06/30/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> Do you use simple passwords in order to remember them? Use this page to realise how dangerous that is. Then use it ti realise how to get an easy to remember but extremely secure password SCHEME so that you can use simple variations on every different site and system. Stay safe & don&#8217;t be a victim! </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">security</a> </p>

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Diigo Bookmarks 06/27/2011

<p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">SOA</a> </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">SOA</a> </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">SOA</a> </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">SOA</a> </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">SOA</a> </p> <ul class="diigo-comments"> <li> The Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can be used to increase the speed of developing and deploying Web applications.

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Diigo Bookmarks 06/17/2011

<p class="diigo-description"> &#8220;An enterprise service bus represents an environment designed to foster sophisticated interconnectivity between services. It establishes an intermediate layer of processing that can help overcome common problems associated with reliability, scalability, and communications disparity.&#8221; </p> <p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">SOA</a> <a href="">ESB</a> <a href="">design</a> <a href="">architecture</a> <a href="">work</a> <a href="">integration</a> <a href="">patterns</a> <a href="">development</a> <a href="">EAI</a> <a href="">enterprise</a> </p> <p class="diigo-description"> Collection of useful information describing Enterprise Intergration styles & best practice.

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Diigo Bookmarks 05/20/2011

<p class="diigo-tags"> <span>tags:</span> <a href="">windows</a> <a href="">ipad</a> <a href="">iPhone</a> </p>