What JavaScript versions are there and how do they map to Node.JS versions?

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There are now far too many versions of JavaScript. Worse, there are several ways to refer to a JavaScript version. Then we have Node.JS which has its own versioning. This post tries to summarise it all.

This is just a summary for my own reference. See References below for more details.

Please let me know if there are any errors. I will update the table periodically.

ECMA-262 VersionECMAScript Year VersionPublish DateNode.JS Version


  • Versions of Node.JS prior to those shown are likely to support some features of newer JS versions. The versions shown are those that support virtually all of the features.
  • Some JavaScript features may not be implemented in Node.JS.
  • Node uses the V8 JavaScript engine. Also used by the chromium browser (which underpins Vivaldi, Google Chrome, Opera and many others. Soon to be used by Microsoft Edge as well).

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