Running Komodo Edit Open Source Code Editor Under Windows 7

Published: | by Julian Knight Reading time ~2 min.
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The open source version of Komodo’s code editor and development environment Komodo Edit is a great tool for development. I use it for PHP, HTML, JavaScript and more. However, I haven’t done any serious coding for a while so I haven’t needed to run it under Windows 7 even though I had it installed. When I did, I was disapointed to find it behaving very poorly. It wouldn’t resize properly without messing up the screen. I tried with some of the compatibility settings that Windows 7 gives you but that made no difference. I also tried an upgrade to the latest version. A quick search didn’t reveal anything about Windows 7 specifically but I did spot a discussion about problems under Vista that were related to file permissions. Sure enough, making Komodo Edit run as Administrator fixed the issues. I’ve had a few file permission issues under Windows 7, I’m fairly sure it is down to me messing around. However, it is clear that Windows Vista and Windows 7 are both rather sensitive to permissions issues which is worth bearing in mind. Looking at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\ActiveState\KomodoEdit, I could see that SYSTEM, my user and Administrators all had full access but that Administrator was the owner of some of the files. I can only summise that this is the issue. As this needs rebuilding with Windows 7 RC, I haven’t the time to test further but certainly running as Administrator does the trick. By the way, Komodo Edit is available for Mac and Linux as well as Windows. It has a big brother “Komodo IDE” with additional features if you need them. Both are highly configurable, support many languages and are based on the Mozilla code (like Firefox and Thunderbird) & can easily be extended with JavaScript.

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