How-to use WebDAV on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Published: | by Julian Knight Reading time ~1 min.
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Windows is supposed to have a built-in WebDAV client. However, it doesn’t ever seem to have been especially robust and certainly since Vista a lot of people (myself included) have found that it simply doesn’t work on many supposedly WebDAV enabled sites. Thankfully there are a couple of free (and some not free) options that, while not as nicely integrated into Windows Explorer, do enable you to transfer files back and forth. The two that I found were:

  • JScape AnyClient
  • [BitKinex][1] I’ve tried the first of these two and it seems to work OK. It’s not polished but it gets the job done. There is also an online version using a Java plugin if you don’t want to install the client. It seems that the second option is no longer in active development. Don’t be fooled by the web site though, they have changed the license to freeware. Now, at last, I can once again load multiple files to our corporate intranet on WebEx without having to switch to a Linux desktop!

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