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After yesterdays OneNote tool post, I thought I’d do another while I think about it.

Another annoyance of OneNote is it’s lack of control over pasting information from the clipboard. I’ve raised a suggestion with MS to improve this; you can see my comment in the newsgroup.

To ease things a little if you need to copy and paste lots of stuff to OneNote, here is an AutoHotKey script to help. You need to assign this to a hot-key and have OneNote open in the background. Select something and press the hot-key and it will be pasted (using the current default paste option as this cannot be controlled) into the current note in OneNote.

AutoHotKey Script to copy pre-selected stuff from the currently active window
; to the currently open note in OneNote
; Usage: #include in your main AutoHotKey.ahk assigned to a hot key
; Limitations: 
;       1) OneNote must be open - maybe change this in the future so that content goes to a new unfiled note
;       2) Doesn't swap back to original application
; Author: Julian Knight,
; Version: 2009-04-01 v1.0

; We need a partial title match but we will also reset to previous setting
oldTitleMatchMode := A_TitleMatchMode
SetTitleMatchMode, 2

; Settings
winTitlePart := " - Microsoft Office OneNote"   ; Partial title of ON windows

; Copy currently selected stuff
SendPlay, ^c                    ; Use sendplay to avoid unexpected interactions with Win key

; If OneNote is not started, give up
IfWinExist, %winTitlePart%
        ; Save the currently active window title
        WinGetTitle, actWin, A
        ; If OneNote is not active, activate it now
        IfWinNotActive, %winTitlePart%
                WinActivate, %winTitlePart%

        ; Check again, if ON active then paste else error
        IfWinActive, %winTitlePart%     
                ; Paste to ON & Add some blank lines
                SendPlay, ^v`r                  ; Use sendplay to avoid unexpected interactions with Win key
                ; Switch window back to previously active
                WinActivate, %actWin%
                MsgBox, Could not activate OneNote window.
} else
        MsgBox, Can't find ON [%winTitlePart%]

SetTitleMatchMode, %oldTitleMatchMode%

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