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      • Yes it works OK but remember that it is a bookmarklet (iPad Safari doesn’t yet support plugins).

        This means that if you activate it when 1/2 way through reading a page, it looks like it didn’t work!! You need to remember to scroll back to the top of the page to see it!!!

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                  <p class='diigo-link'>
                    <a rel='nofollow' href='http://notifo.com'>Mobile Notifications for Everything &#8211; Notifo</a>
                  <p class='diigo-description'>
                    Useful web service to pass notifications to an iPhone/iPad. Has a number of links to other services and applications for forwarding notifications including one to let you know of Twitter references to your twitter id & one to let you know if a web page changes. There are also desktop/server scripts for forwarding from the command line (via Python), Growl, IMAP, RSS, etc.
                  <p class='diigo-tags'>
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