Sun’s VirtualBox gets on with it!

Published: | by Julian Knight Reading time ~1 min.
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Yep, I keep being amazed by the quality of VirtualBox which is now owned by Sun. I need to set up a virtual machine to test and demo Sun’s Identity Management (IdM) suite and it needs to be usable with VMware too. So I headed over to the VMware Appliances web site and downloaded a pre-canned Debian 5 server. This is recognised fine by VirtualBox! I gave the VM a Host Networked connection to the network and with no further configuration, fired up the VM. First thing was to install some additional components so I used the Debian package manager (aptitude) from the command line (no windowing GUI here!) to install the file and database and web server virtual packages. It just worked, no networking problems at all and being a Host network, it is on my local LAN as well as the Internet with no problems. It’s nice when things “just work”. That’s how it should be! Of course, it probably wouldn’t have been quite so simple if I wanted a desktop as well. But there are also a number of pre-canned VirtualBox VM’s for downloading. VirtualBoxImages and HelpDeskLive.

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