Update on FreeOTFE

Published: | by Julian Knight Reading time ~1 min.
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Thought I would add a quick update on using FreeOTFE under Windows and PocketPC.

I tried it under Windows on a different PC and it does indeed work OK though it is nowhere near as polished as TrueCrypt. I’ve also tried again a few times on a PocketPC with limited success and I think I know what is happening. Firstly, you must install FreeOTFE for PPC into system memory and not on a storage card – not terribly surprising really. However, you do not seem to be able to use a secure volume from a storage card either very reliably (I tried on a T-Mobile MDA Compact III). I did have some success creating a small volume (approx. 2MB) in main memory, it did load eventually. Sorry to say that this is unworkable and I’ll be sticking to Keepass and Tombo on PPC with TrueCrypt on Windows and Linux. It is worth noting in passing that TrueCrypt for Linux now has a native UI.

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