Apple iOS 5, What does it change for me?

There are some really nice looking changes on the way for Apple mobile users lucky enough to have a device that can be upgraded to iOS 5. I thought I’d throw together a quick look at how this will change things on a practical level for me as I use an iPhone and an iPad for work and personal use.

Update: 2011-10-13. I’ve added some more details.
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Windows Mobile applications I use

To round off my mini-series about software I use, I thought I’d do one on Windows Mobile (AKA Pocket PC or PPC).

  • Pocket Informant
  • Keepass PPC
  • Microsoft Reader
  • MobiPocket Reader
  • PIM Backup
  • Pocket Navigator (Memory Map)
  • Laridian Pocket Bible
  • WeatherWatcher
  • Google Maps
  • Tombo
  • Tom Tom Navigator
  • SuperDoku
  • Bejeweled2

There are one or two other small utilities I also use and I have a bespoke WM6 installation that includes some tools.
(NB: I’ll add some links and explanations in when I get time).