Nobody is listening at Technorati

I’ve had a problem trying to claim this blog at the Technorati web site.

It seems that using Firefox doesn’t work and that in getting part the way through the claim process and then failing, I can no longer complete the process.

No problem I thought, I’ll contact the Technorati support and they will help.

Well think again. Despite several emails over the last few months (there’s no phone number), nobody has even bothered to reply. I get an automated response but it seems that nobody is home at Technorati.

Sometimes such things mean that the underlying organisation is failing – surely that can’t be happening at Technorati can it? Are they the latest victim of the worldwide credit crunch?

Is anyone left alive at Technorati? Is anyone listening ….

Oh, actually someone is at home – I know that because they are still blogging – shame then that they can’t be bothered to respond to a simple support query – maybe they are too busy making money off our content. The ticket number is 19738 in case anyone from Technorati does manage to find this, it was raised on 16th April. Maybe you would like to fix your Firefox issue at the same time.

UPDATE 2009-07-13

I’ve since sent several emails but I’ve still had no reply at all. I’m not impressed.

New Comments System

I’ve moved my comments over to Disqus from the default Blogger comments. It means that you don’t have to log in to comment and you get much better tracking of discussions. My other blog “Much Ado About IT” has had this for a while and it seems to work really well.
Unfortunately, it does mean that I’ve lost any existing comments – sorry to those who have commented in the past.

Quick test of new comments system (using DISQUS)

Just testing a new commenting system – Disqus.

Looks like it works OK so I’ll keep it online for now. Currently, you no longer need to be logged in (previously you needed to present either a Blogger, Google or OpenID credential to comment because of spam) since Disqus is supposed to handle this better. However, if the spam starts to reappear, I’ll have to restrict it again.

For blog authors, check out Psolonoid as well. It provides an easy and controlable way of creating links (like trackbacks) between blog entries.

What goes here?

I’ve already got a few things to blog about so expect some articles shortly covering the following:

  • Tablet PC’s
    I’ve just brought an IBM X61 (on eBay) after much deliberation (we’re talking several years here!). I’ve wanted a Slate (e.g. no keyboard) for ages but they go for silly prices generally. So now I have an X61 to go with the monster 17″ Dell M1710.
  • Microsoft InfoPath
    An XML-based form designer and filler with rich interface options (including Tablet ink support).
  • Microsoft Groove
    A peer-to-peer collaboration tool a bit like a mini SharePoint for workgroups without needing a central server.

Update 2009-02-13: Not forgetting:

  • Microsoft OneNote
    The ultra-useful note-taking tool.
  • Microsoft Windows 7
    Doubtless what Windows Vista should have been in the first place!

Showing a less than symbol in a Blogger post

This took me ages to sort out so here is a reminder.

If you want to post a less-than symbol in a Blogger entry (for example in some code or a math formula), you cannot use the standard HTML entity “<” as Blogger cannot cope with it for some reason.

Instead use the hexadecimal equivalent “& # 60 ;” (NB: I’ve put spaces in so that Blogger doesn’t turn it back into a symbol!). That works fine and shows the symbol (< ) as expected.


Also note that normally you can just enter a <> blocks or where there is no space after it.

Not Linux related I know 😉


Having finally made the switch on my personal machines from Windows to Linux early last year, I decided I’d like to share my experiences of “living with Linux”.

As an IT professional, I’ll probably never be completely free of Windows, I use it all the time at work so I’ll also be looking for tools that work across both platforms.

Regards, Julian.