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Identity brings Microsoft and Internet 2.0 together | The Register

Identity brings Microsoft and Internet 2.0 together | The Register: “Is Open ID the glue we need? By Mary Branscombe (Published Thursday 1st March 2007 09:47 GMT) Microsoft isn’t the only one taking an interest in Open ID. AOL, Yahoo! and Digg have all announced they’ll accept Open ID credentials as a way of identifying users online. But for Microsoft this is more than just a technology partnership. It could be the first real step towards creating the multi-platform, multi-system identity metasystem.

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Digital Credentials Offer Enhanced Privacy

John Q Random writes _“Stefan Brands‘s company announced their U-Prove library and SDK implementing ID tokens â€��? also known as digital credentials or private credentials. (Private Credentials are a cool PKI replacement and anonymous e-cash tech that allows you to prove certified attributes like age, credit rating, group membership, etc. without revealing who you are; to allow you to have a digital life without the digital dossier effect inherent in a central databases.

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OpenID Discussion

There is an discussion of OpenID in this Digg entry. Interesting for peoples views on the merits and weaknesses. The actual entry is about Digg announcing support for OpenID.