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A list of some tutorials and courses for learning Node-RED and Node.JS, maybe some web stuff too.


Lots of videos by all sorts of different people.

The node red guide is a series of lectures designed to get you started with Node-RED. Starting from the very basics, it introduces you to how Node-RED works and how to get the most out of its built in nodes. Each lecture consists of a series of hands-on examples that take you from basic to intermediate Node-RED programming in easy to follow steps.

Quickly create applications that leverage connectivity and analytics as part of an integrated IoT platform. Use Node-RED, an open-source visual application development environment, on both the device and the cloud. Create a basic IoT solution by leveraging pre-built blocks of code that abstracts and speeds the development process. Use APIs to access the platform and explore the different connectivity options for various devices, gateways and applications. Explore options to ensure your solution makes best use of the captured data. The programming assignments require you to have a Raspberry Pi device - any model of Raspberry Pi with a 40 pin header. The course also uses the SenseHAT extension board, whilst it is preferable to have a SenseHat there is a simulator provided if you can’t get a SenseHAT.

The course is aimed at learners that want to advance their Node-RED skills. The course assumes an understanding of programming. There is also an assumption that you have a basic understanding of Node-RED, if not you may want to look at the course “A developer’s guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)”, which teaches the basics of Node-RED. The course also uses the IBM Cloud (previously known as Bluemix), so assumes basic knowledge of using the IBM Cloud, again the “A developer’s guide to the Internet of Things (IoT)” course provides this prerequisite information.

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