2018-03-19 Easily search for contributed nodes on the Node-RED Flows site

Excellent work has been done to make sure that new nodes are discoverable. Here is a quick way to easily search from your browser.

2018-02-26 Installation and running permissions

People seem to get very confused about file permissions when installing Node-RED and associated nodes. This article tries to set things straight.

2018-02-26 Using JSONata to transform msg data

JSONata is a syntax designed by IBM to help reformat and restructure JSON data in a similar vein to the way that XLST is used to transform XML data.

2018-02-11 Secure Home Automation Controls via a Telegram Bot

Shows how to create a secure set of home automation controls without exposing Node-RED to the Internet. It uses a Telegram bot with a number of pre-defined commands.

2018-01-11 GitHub Pages, Jekyll and Liquid

Hints and tips on using Jekyll for publishing to GitHub Pages.

2018-01-11 Node-RED Q & A

Node-RED Questions and Answers. Node-RED is a flow-based (visual) programming tool. These pages have some information that may be currently missing from the documentation or may expand on it.

2018-01-11 Understanding the Node-RED Runtime API

Node-RED exposes an extensive API at runtime. While most of this is _not_ available within your flows, much of it _is_ available to custom nodes. Unfortunately, documentation for the API lags behind development. This page documents some of the key things I've learned about the API, what it does and how it works.

2018-01-11 VSCode Hints and Tips

Visual Studio Code is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) or code editor that is open source and actively developed by Microsoft. These articles contain ideas, hints, tips and knowledge about it and how to use it.

2018-01-10 VSCode - multiple cursors

VSCode supports multi-cursor editing, here are some tips on using it.

2018-01-08 Node-RED Dashboard Template Examples (AngularJS)

Some examples of using AngularJS with the Node-RED Dashboard. Not all features of Angular are accessible via the Dashboard.